Partenope Press
pronounced “par ten OH pay”
an alternative Italian spelling
for one of the Greek Sirens.

THE SIRENS, according to legend, were beautiful but DANGEROUS creatures who lured unsuspecting sailors to their rocky shores.

The SIREN PARTENOPE lived in the Tyrrhenian Sea and haunted the coastline around the Bay of Naples.


Homer wrote of Partenope in The Odyssey, Virgil in The Georgics.

The Greeks named their first settlement in Naples in her honor.

Our Story

Partenope Press was born along the Bay of Naples, Italy with the publication of our first title, the Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples. A labor of love, the guide was the creation of a quartet of women, “Anglo” transplants who developed a deep affinity for this fascinating, yet oft under appreciated city. As Virgil was for Dante, Partenope became our guide to this highly misunderstood city. We see her as the original “She-apolitan”; the first in a long line of strong females who left a profound impact on Naples’ history.

Stories and images about Naples’ vast history and culture, its immense beauty and its propensity for drama is what we take great pleasure in sharing with our readers. Our aim is to continue to create finely crafted books about the Bay of Naples, surely one of the most stunning bays in the world. And if the mood strikes us, we may eventually venture a bit beyond.

The Original Quartet

Bonnie Alberts

Bonnie Alberts

Founder & CEO

Veteran traveler, travel writer, photographer, indie publisher and webmaster, Bonnie Alberts is an entrepreneur with an affinity for artistry and the creative and an unabashed Napoliphile. Bonnie splits her time between running Partenope Press, developing new titles, editing Napoli Unplugged (the website), writing Bindu Itineraries and contributing travel articles to websites, books and magazines.

Barbara Zaragoza

Barbara Zaragoza


Barbara Zaragoza is a freelance writer whose prose embraces history, local cuisine, myth, archaeology, politics and more. While living in Naples she penned The Espresso Break blog and went on to write The Espresso Break: Tours and Nooks of Naples, Italy and Beyond. Since moving back to California, Barbara has continued to be a freelance writer of many books, articles and websites.

Penny Ewles-Bergeron

Penny Ewles-Bergeron

Artist, Writer, Editor

Writer and artist Penny Ewles-Bergeron is the English half of an Anglo-American couple who met through an advert in satirical magazine Private Eye. Their love affair with Italy began with a honeymoon in San Gimignano. For seven joyful years they enjoyed a wildly different part of the country, living in the very heart of Naples. Though they now reside in England, Penny’s passion for the city continues to find daily expression on social media, as her numerous Twitter followers can attest. She was delighted when Barbara Zaragoza invited her to edit The Espresso Break and returns to her favourite subject as editor and contributor to the Napoli Unplugged Guide to Naples.

Erin Romano

Erin Romano

Graphic Designer

Growing up in a number of foreign countries, Erin Romano had wanderlust from an early age. Travelling and exploring were like food and water, and thanks to her career as a graphic designer, she was able to continue working as she roamed. She eventually found herself in Florence, Italy studying Italian and immersing herself in the culture. A couple of years later, she met her now-husband while traveling in the South. They currently live on the Amalfi Coast with their son.

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